Online registration of the PCD

Dear clients!

The goods for personal use, sent by international mail, in the customs territory of Eurasian Economic Cooperation and imported without paying customs duties and taxes, from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020, inclusive – must not exceed the amount equivalent to 200 euros, and (or) the gross weight of international postal items must not exceed 31 kg, within 1 calendar month to the address of one individual (Council Decision No. 107 of December 20, 2017).

We draw your attention to the fact that the period of storage is limited to seven days since the moment of notification of the consignee about the shipment arrival.
If the passenger customs declaration, form T-6, is not submitted during seven calendar days, EMEX LLP reserves the right to return the shipment back to the sender as undeliverable.

In case of difficulties in registration, apply to the Customer Service for a prolongation of the registration period of the passenger customs declaration.

Since 1 March 2013, to receive freights in the Republic of Kazakhstan shipped by individuals for personal use through customs border of the Customs Union it is required to file a passenger customs declaration form.

In this regard, the freight owner must declare goods with the customs authorities, i.e. to fill in the passenger customs declaration form, provide a copy of the identity card and shipping documents for the goods (invoice and air waybill).

The freight owner – the consignee has the following options:

  1. Complete the procedure independently without a customs representative, using instruction in below.
  2. Enter into an agreement with the customs representative of EMEX LLP for the provision of services on customs declaration of freights, which costs KZT 3000 (three thousand). The customs representative of EMEX LLP on behalf of the client performs customs declaration, after which a courier of EMEX LLP delivers the parcel to the addressee.