Import shipments

You have received a notification about the need for customs clearance from us – what is next?

Follow the notification link and select the preferred customs clearance option:

  1. By yourself. Take the accompanying documents for your cargo from us and  follow the information in the table below to make the appropriate customs procedure for your cargo and your legal status. Check out the list of documents at the bottom of the page that will be required for independent customs declaration.
  2. Via EMEX. Following the instructions, upload the documents that we need to provide the service for and make the payment.

Check that the content of the cargo complies with the customs regulations for importation into the territory of Kazakhstan, and that your legal status allows you to make customs clearance. Abbreviations: PСD – passenger customs declaration; CRO – customs receipt order; DG – declaration for goods

Who is the recipient? (legal status)

What type of cargo?

In what quantity?

How much does it cost and weigh?

How is it declared?

Need to pay for anything?


Goods for personal use¹

In single copies

up to eur 200 / 31 kg



over eur 200 / 31 kg


State duty

Commercial goods² not subject to certification and licensing

In any amount

over eur 200 / 31 kg


State duty + VAT + customs duty

Legal entity

Not for sale commercial sample, except for goods that are subject to licensing

In any amount

up to eur 200; weight - any, if it corresponds the price

Simplified customs clearance


Commercial goods

In any amount

over eur 200 / 31 kg


State duty + VAT + customs duty

¹ Goods not related to commercial activities and manufacturing, with the exception of those listed in Appendix 6 to the decision of the EEC Commission

² Goods that, according to the CN FEA of the RK, are classified as commercial or a consignment of goods for personal use in an amount exceeding the allowed for personal use.

State taxes and fees:

  • State duty rates for imports: up to 20% depending on the category of goods, but not less than eur 2 per 1 kg of weight in terms of exceeding the duty-free import rate by value and (or) weight.
  • Customs fee: KZT 20 700
  • VAT: 12%

Attention! State taxes and fees are not included in the cost of EMEX services and are paid additionally.

Customs clearance by yourself

According to the customs legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, when registering imported goods that fall into the preferential category of non-commercial, the recipient or his registered representative is required to submit accompanying transport documents to the Zhetysu customs post at Almaty International Airport.

To complete the “Passenger Customs Declaration” independently, the consignee must take the following steps:

1. Get the accompanying documents for the cargo at the office of EMEX LLP, or request them from the consignor.

2. Download and fill in the Passenger Customs Declaration.

3. Provide the following documents to the employees of the customs post “Zhetysu” (the time for receiving documents on working days is from 09.00 to 18.00 (lunch break 13:00-14:30)):

  • FedEx Express Air Waybill
  • Commercial invoice
  • Completed Passenger Customs Declaration signed by the recipient
  • Copy of recipient’s ID

A document confirming the value of the goods (payment order, bank receipt, check or extract from Internet banking), in accordance with Art. 344 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan On customs regulation in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Address of the customs post: Almaty, 51 Akhmetov Str (former Zakarpatskaya)

After declaring the cargo at the customs post, in order to receive it, the owner transfers the above list of documents and the Passenger Customs Declaration, certified by the customs seal, to the representative of EMEX LLP located on the territory of the temporary storage warehouse.