Customs clearance

Parcels and cargo arriving in or departing from Kazakhstan

The system of customs procedures in Kazakhstan is complex. We know this as specialists and experts in the field of customs legislation and clearance in Kazakhstan. We know this from the client’s perspective and a self-custom clearance.

Our service emerged at the intersection of the customs legislation requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan in relation to import and export cargo and the needs of our clients (FedEx and TNT). It is a polished process with a flexible pricing policy that quickly responds to changes in the current customs legislation and focuses on an individual approach to each client .

Offering our customs clearance services, we help businesses to optimize the costs for foreign economic activity, and save time and money to private clients.

Customs clearance for legal entities

Customs clearance for individuals

Customs clearance for individuals IHERB

  • We clear import, export, and transit commercial cargoes

  • We provide customs support for investment projects

  • We help protect clients' customs interests in government agencies

  • We take care of all bureaucratic concerns for our clients

  • We reduce the delivery time of imported non-commercial goods in Kazakhstan

  • Don't have a customs broker? We can help

  • For free!

  • The contract for customs clearance services is concluded for a year in advance

  • We also have a separate support line for delivery-related inquiries