Additional services

Some of the EMEX and FedEx services and shipping costs are not included, as they are not always in demand. We offer these services as an option, depending on the customers’ needs.

You can find a complete list of additional services and tariffs at this link.

Here are the most popular:

Declared value

Compensation for the cost of cargo in case of unintentional loss or damage during the delivery process

Delivery in person

The shipment will be delivered directly to the recipient named in the invoice and no one else.

Delivery Notice

The sender will receive an SMS or e-mail delivery notification of the goods to the recipient

Readdressing and redirectioning

Forwarding shipments from one address to another within a city, country or en route

Storage of shipments

Temporary storage services for shipments beyond the standard period


They will help to unload and load items over 30 kg or lift them to the floor

We provide some of the additional services free of charge. For example, there is no charge for such service as: Forwarding within the city (inside   Kazakhstan) if the shipment is in the EMEX warehouse or pickup point and has not yet been put on the delivery route to the destination address. To order this service:

  1. Use the tracking to make sure that the service is applicable to the shipping free of charge.
  2. Contact us at our hotline: +7 727 356 38 00 or online at to leave a request.