Registration of the PCD iHerb

Dear clients!

Goods for personal use, sent in international mail to the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union and imported without payment of customs duties, are subject to mandatory customs clearance in accordance with the procedure and under the conditions provided by customs legislation.

In this regard, the owner of the goods must declare the cargo to the customs authorities.

For customs clearance you are required to:

  1. Print out and sign the contract (download the contract)
  2. Send a copy of the signed contract and the Identity card from both sides (good quality) to the e-mail address:

By passing us the contract signed by the recipient and a copy of your ID card, you give to our customs representative the right to use your personal data for customs clearance purposes.

If sending E-Mail unpossible You can send files to number WhatsApp: +7 701 3181480